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First production sample of F16 recessed track with 10" radius bend

August 14th 2019 

F-16 is one of the tracks that started in our development program. The process took 1 year of development. We designed the first mud-able track without the need for an external profile. Now the #1 request by contractors and architects.


Every manufacturer we presented the concept to said they were not interested in producing it whether they felt it wasn't worth adding to their line or they had issues with changing out the gliders. Luckily we solved all perceivable issues and now have the #1 specified track with our customers for recessed ceilings providing the minimal look with easy installation. 

Development Program

With our experience working on hospitality, healthcare, residential, cruise lines, aero, as well as many other project categories we can help find a solution for your specific needs and if a solution isn't available on the market our dedicated engineering specialists can help create one for you. 


Maintaining our relationships, while continuously developing new ones, has helped us to understand the needs in the market. Though we have worked with many manufacturers we have found a disconnect between architects and the manufacturers.


We began creating a list of requests from contractors, architects and developers that other manufacturers were not interested in pursuing. Once we saw enough demand we decided to put together a development team to see how we can satisfy the wishlists presented to us by creating a series of products that can fit multiple needs. 


We took this even further with our consulting and development program. This includes private label products which we developed and now produce on behalf of select clients, as well as us helping to guide our clients on the best window treatment and spacial dividing solutions for their projects with our dedicated consulting team.

Please call or email us if you would like to utilize our Development program for either private label, consulting services, or a request for product development. 


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