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Fischer DuoPower (5mm x 1") , Powerful Universal Plug with Intelligent 2-Component Technology for fastenings in Concrete, Bricks, Gypsum plasterboard, chipboard, etc., 100 Plugs Without Screws


Use with 

Sampson Mills screws SC41-6T

Sampson Mills Drill Bit DB6


Compatible with:

Curtain Tracks

F16, FS16

The Shuttle

PF121, PF121R, PF122, PF123, PF124, PF125


BF121, BF121R


  • Highest load transfer & intelligent function: The DuoPower is the first plug that adjusts itself automatically to the respective substrate, transfers the highest loads through the three product functions of folding, expanding and knotting and thus enables a wide range of applications in solid, perforated and panel building materials 
  • All-in-one solution for all building materials: Used with the Sampson Mills  screws SC41-6T  the intelligent 2-component plug ensures top load values – the grey component automatically activates the optimal operating principle depending on the respective building material, while the expansion wings of the red component support safe spreading 
  • Absolutely powerful: Due to its compact and short length, the plug requires significantly less drilling effort and thus shorter screws – when installing the plug, the narrow plug rim stops it from slipping into the borehole while the anti-rotation feature prevents rotation into the drillhole, and the feel-good factor exactly indicates when the plug is installed perfectly 
  • Areas of application: The powerful plug is suitable for attaching light objects such as skirting boards, cable ducts, picture frames, soap trays, toilet paper holders or decorative items in various building materials such as concrete, solid and perforated bricks, natural stone, solid sand-lime bricks, perforated sand-lime bricks, gypsum plasterboard, fibreboard and chipboard

Fischer DuoPower Anchors

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