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  • Pick your Height range.  
  • Pick your width range. 
  • In your order notes let us know exact dimensions to the nearest 1/8" 
  • We will take an 1/8" deduct from your width. 


System notes

a . counter balance shade system delivering smooth operation lowering and raising shades finger tip Ease(less than 3lbs of pull force.


b. Non Friction Module(clutch) allows lowering shade by bottom bar.


c. each shade has proprietary spring encased in plastic reducing noise


d. wands can be operated from all angles due to rubber gasket top of wands


e. pull easy goes down /up few inches , pull harder will lower/raise 2’ to 4’ feet


f. Wand lengths 30” – 80”( 10” increments) *min. wand 18” shades up to 30”

(if not specified we will do based off manuafacturer recommended for your size.)


g. wand position inside mount Front 6and 7 o’clo