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F120 Hand-operated Suspended Track comes in White, Black, and Silver.


Use CB120 to join mltiple tracks together. (Sold Seperatly) 

Suspension hardware Use CB120 to join mltiple tracks together. (Sold Seperatly)


Fully assembled with:

G200 Standard Gliders in Black or Natural for pinch pleat and standard curtains. 


G250 Heavy Duty Gliders in Natural for pinch pleat and standard curtains.


G800 S-Fold Glider 80mm in White or Black


G122, G102, G82 Ripple Fold Glider  in White

*See Glider Description for more info*

(Ripple Fold Cannot Bend)


Track comes with side wall (wall to wall bracket)

Hooks and suspension rods not included... 

Compatible with:

STW78 - Tension cable suspension system for sloped ceiling and wall mounts. 

STS78 - Tension Cable suspension system for flat ceilings. 

STZ78 - Tension Cable suspension system for drop ceilings 

SPR Set - Suspension rods 

SPD Set - Suspension rods with decretive top element

SPZ Set Suspension rods with the decretive top element and Z clip for drop ceiling 


The Sleek profile is great for curtains. 

Standard carriers Great for pinch pleated and standard curtains. 


Can curve on a 90º, 45º standard radius.

SM F120 Track

$80.00 Regular Price
$64.00Sale Price
  • Free Shipping on orders $50 +

    Gliders included (4 per foot)

    Screws, Drill Bit, and Profile protector included

    Fabric, Curtain Tape & Hooks not included... 


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